Indian Uber Service Customer Care Phone Numbers and Contact Details

Uber Service Customer Care: Uber Technologies is an American technology company. It can develop, markets and operates the car transportation and food delivery mobile apps. Uber drivers use their vehicles, and the driver can pay the amount to drive with the Uber. The name Uber refers to the common word “Top Most” or “Super”. The Uber app requires the drivers to have smart mobiles, and the user must have access to the smartphone or the mobile website.

Uber Service Customer Care

In most cities, it offers more pricing and some cities it does not add high pricing. Uber Service Customer Care calculates price depends on the time and distance of a ride. Uber also offers promotional rates on rides from certain areas at a certain time. At the end of the drive, payment is based on the pre-selected options of the users which could be cash, Credit card or Debit card.

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Uber Service Customer Care Telephone Number

Partners and Passengers are looking for ways to contact care services. We have a line for all had the experience of calling some service cares, just to find over selves waiting in the line for a long time and finally speaks to someone else who does not know anything more than we do. But if you are looking for the Uber Service Telephone Numbers, You will probably little confused to find the number. Don’t worry for your sake we providing all the numbers of Ubers. Just go through this article to check out the numbers of service care numbers.

Uber Service Customer Care


Contact Uber Services? Do you want Phone Number: Check it Out

Customers have a question, they have to issue and would like to speak with the human Tele caller to solve their problems. Currently, you don’t have a number to connect them, and you are strictly in emergency situations. Don’t worry Uber has a critical safety response line to help in such circumstances. The prime candidates have contact with them. So if you try to get the nonemergency problem as a driver or passenger.

Uber Service Customer Care

Emergency Uber Number: 800-353-8237

International Phone Number: 1-866-576-1039

Contact for Emergencies: 1-800-593-5994

Instant help: 1-844-326-5774

Uber through Fax: 1-877-223-8023

Technologies Phone Number (Headquarter): 1-855-23-7692

Uber Support Person (Mr. Boedeker): 1-415-801-4068

Uber Help Portal

Uber customer service helps it for partners and passengers. It will help you first stem when you are trying to contact them. The Care support portal will give you a choice of riders and their partners mean Drivers or passengers. As you open the help portal of uber, you will find the list of favorite topics like Reset my password, Technical Issues, I did not receive my direct deposit, and other many options will show on the screen. You would have selected the option to customize the info on help by either log in or by choosing a city. The info is available by the personal account to choose your city.

Uber Service Customer Care

Contact Form of Uber

If you can not find the details you are looking for the Uber help portal, you can connect them directly with the contact form that built into the Uber website. It is easiest to get the queries from January 201l.

Uber contact Form: ” “

Contact Uber through Email

Uber provides you to get in touch with them for any queries, and You can also send the email directly to the customer services. If you provide helpful information, ask your next question.

Uber Email Id: “ “

How to contact Uber

  • This is not confirmed mobile number to talk with the live person.
  • These numbers are unverified and not updated with official Uber help.
  • They have received complaints from the drivers and riders regarding the phone numbers.
  • They may not give the facility to talk with the representative.
  • Uber provide temporary answers to the recorded issue.

  Uber Technologies Care Service Numbers 

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